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We've been called "#1 in Human Trafficking Care for Young Women" for several reasons. One of those is the Halle Healing Center, a first-in-the-nation medical center specializing in Human Trafficking Healing Care.  This beautiful medical center is right on campus, only feet away from the young women and it covers all of their medical needs.

The Halle Healing Center was built in 2016 and has provided specialized medical care for hundreds of young women in the Where Hope Lives Program.  This high quality of medical care is also available to the babies of the 30% of the young women who arrive at our campus pregnant and needing that additional layer of crisis pregnancy care.

High-quality care is FREELY provided by dedicated and specially trained physicians from Phoenix Children's Hospital and Dignity Health.

We felt it was important to provide this high level of care in a dignified, respectful and private way - and in a way that didn't "feel" like your normal medical center.

We are forever grateful to:

The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Dignity Health and Jokake Construction and HKS Architects for their amazing support of the medical needs of the young women of Where Hope Lives.

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Where Hope Lives is a Human Trafficking Program
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