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Once a young woman is recovered, is safe and begins the process of healing, our hearts and hers begin to move toward the "what if" phase.  What if, she could finish high school? What if, that could lead to college or a trade school? What if, there was NO limit...?

The Phoenix Suns Learning Center, built in 2016, has provided human trafficking specialty education services to hundreds of young women focusing in one area - the future. We believe that there are no limits to what the young women of our program can accomplish, and indeed we've seen that.

During the day this beautiful space is a fully accredited high school and in the evening it serves as a college preparatory space as well as offers healing and wellness classes.

Some of our alumni are medical technicians. Some have graduated law school and are living their dream in the legal profession. Some are business owners and others are in high-level management positions. Whatever their particular chosen career path, we feel confident that the education they received in the Sun's Learning Center helped to lay an education foundation in their young lives.

We are forever grateful to:

The Phoenix Sun's Charities, Verizon Wireless, Jokake Construction, HKS Architects and Atmosphere for their amazing support of the education needs of the young women of Where Hope Lives.

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Where Hope Lives is a Human Trafficking Program
of the Phoenix Dream Center
A 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization of Arizona
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